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Vision: Provide instructional/directed coaching, group discussion and activities to help individuals identify how best to overcome challenge/barriers and align to their call in life.

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Don't allow people, circumstance, challenges or failures dictate how you live your life. Be a winner by:

1. Associating with people who are already where you are working to be.

2. Addressing hurt & disappointment

3. Being Courageous (in actions & conversations

4. Remaining Thankful

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Your Greatness.


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Transformational Life & Executive Coach.

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Thank you so much for helping me see how to be my best me. Your guidance was right on time!

Pam A.S.

Just the light and sunshine I needed.

Darrell W.

stop talking
In today's society the pressure of posting every emotion, event, success, etc. on some form of social media is the new norm. We have lost focused on being in touch with who we are and understanding our purpose. I want to encourage you to spend less time talking about what you want to do and wish you could do and just start doing. You may ask, "How do I move forward from being stuck?" You will need to practice a process known as the 4 Ps: Prepare, Plan, Position, Proceed.

1. Prepare - Simply means to get ready for a specific future purpose. In order for you to prepare for your best life, you must identify your barriers (i.e., financial struggles, oppression,, envy, evil, sickness), seek ways to overcome the barriers and promise yourself you are going to reposition and align yourself to what you are destine to become.

2. Plan - Is essential. Planning must be unique and inspired by what you need or factors that impact your life. We all have different personalities and we plan differently so do not let anyone tell you how you should run your life. When planning, remember every plan does not have to be intricate, but should include goals to help you reach the plan. The plan is essential and helps you prepare to tackle and overcome the challenges of life.

3. Position: Position yourself through your thoughts, attitude, actions, words and presentation.

4. Proceed: The only way to succeed is to move forward. To move forward let all past hurt, barriers and disappointments remain in the past. Your destiny is too great to let past disappointments, uncertainties or barriers block it.

Start with understanding where you are in life and your next goal. Strategize and implement the actions needed to obtain those goals.

You always know what to say.

Belinda D.




As a Life and Executive Coach, my focus is on assisting clients in setting up lifestyle- changing plans, healthy relationships, educational/career foundations and/or develop financial stability. Are you stressed out, lonely, and/or unfulfilled? Then sitting through a few coaching sessions will help you believe:

  • Your authentic self is enough to help you create your best life.

  • Happiness and success in every area of your life is possible.

  • Life coaching and its tools will provide proven methods that positively impact your life.

With the right tools, probing questions and intentions to reach success and excellence, we can work together to help you live out your best life.

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