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Our core strength lies in the power of our team; our workforce. We have a team that are considered experts in the industry, a team with excellent qualifications and experience in personal development and life coaching.

Aside from the synergy that exist in our carefully selected team members and our strong online presence, Selah Inspirations, LLC is well positioned in a community with the right demography.


 I am a Transformational Life Coach

Toledo Lopez, MS, LM

Motto: Be Intentional No Matter What

Transformational Leader, M.S., Leadership Management; Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Corporate Consultant, Education Consultant, & Founder/President of Selah Inspiration, LLC.

Toledo Lopez is a Transformational & Executive Life Coach, Educator & Author who provides coping skills and techniques to help individuals deal with the changes and challenges in life. She utilizes proven strategies that equips individuals to intentionally focus on progressing in life no matter what they are facing.


With the help her team Toledo has helped 1000s of people step up their game & empower their dreams! Learn how to condition your mind, heart, body & soul to reach higher levels. Imagine living with a positive mindset, a more energized lifestyle, and feeling like you are unstoppable. Incorporating inspiration & result-based approaches Toledo can recommend a tailored program based on your current situation and monitor your progress. Toledo is the perfect partner to help you reach and maintain your optimal wellness for your mind, body and soul.


Toledo utilizes a 90-day plan that listens to individuals' needs in order to crop a signature plan unique to each individual. The plan will help you achieve the spiritual, mental & physical lifestyle you desire & deserve. You can enjoy customize coaching and advice at your fingertips at all times with a personalize program. Fulfill your dreams now with proven strategies designed to help you live your best life!

If you are ready to Be Intentional No Matter What, complete the contact form and Toledo or someone from the team will reach out to you.


Lopez thanks for allowing me to be open without feeling judged. You always know what to say. Thanks for being in tuned with what I am going through.

Belinda D.

Toledo I appreciate your wisdom on so  many life issues and your  tenacity for life.

Melish E.


I am a Life Coach.

Richard Senkbile, BS, LM

Motto: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Life Coach, Mentor, Model, Actor, Bodybuilder

​Specializing in Male Mentoring and Life Coaching. Richard is a retired Army Veteran who has a passion to help other males live out their best life.

In partnership with Selah Inspiration, Richard utilizes a results-based program to guide you and help you with the self-discovery tso essential to understanding how to overcome and/or optimize on any situation you encounter. Life is challenging and dealing with changes is often debilitating, however, with the help of Richard's program you can achieve the life you deserve.

If you believe all things are possible, fill out a contact form and Richard will reach out to you.


I am a Life  & Wellness Coach.

Janet E. Mertens - Visionary & BEliever in all that is possible! 

Creator and CEO of igniteBEing & Innovator of iBELabs 


Janet is a Functional & Integrative Health Practitioner & Life Coach, C-IAT Yoga Therapist, Strategist, and Human & Machine Transformation Architect.  She brings all this into her SUPERPOWER: vision(ADHD + crazy chaotic systems mind) = ability to get to WHY, root cause, & powerful personalized solutions for her clients. As  the visionary and creator of the igniteBEing Methodology™️, the iBE FUELframework™️ and the B.E.I.N.G. Continuous WellBEing Loop™️, Janet uses a proven, evidence-based, unified functional & integrative approach to increase your quality of life, no matter your age, or stage of life. 


In partnership with Selah Inspiration, Janet leverages holistic modalities and therapies to shift what is out of balance into harmony -  digging into root cause, addressing mindset, healing the gut, balancing microbiome, improving neuro disorders, and creating behavioral changes to decrease chronic inflammation, improve mobility, improve relationships, improve sleep, address pains, and tackle autoimmune challenges, as well as undiagnosed or identified disEASEs, while empowering YOU to take control of your wellBEing. 


Janet invites everyone to take a deep breath & jump into a Revolution of Radical Resiliency and an epidemic of health & wellBEing in your life, your family, your community,your organization, your company, your all starts with YOU!


Join the Revolution of Radical Resiliency and let’s create an epidemic of health & wellBEing together!!

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